Interior Detailing Services

We offer several stand alone interior detailing services including pet hair removal, carpet shampooing & extraction, and leather protection. Though our packages offer different levels of clean, we use only safe, pH balanced cleaners and conditioners to insure your vehicle is safe and sanitary. For deep cleaning, we employ high temperature steam which naturally sanitizes surfaces and opens the pores of leather upholstery allowing dirt to be safely extracted. On average, these details require between 1.5 and 5 hours to completely work through your vehicle.


Basic Interior Detail

Full Vacuum of Interior
Clean All Interior Glass
Wipe Down Door Sills & Switchgear
Dust & Condition Dashboard
Dress Vinyl, Plastic, & Leather

Full Interior Detail

Vacuum Carpets and Trunk
Clean Glass & Mirrors
Wipe Down Door Sills & Panels
Dust Dashboard & Steam Clean Vents
Scrub and Shampoo Mats
Shampoo Carpets / Upholstery
Headliner Steam Cleaned
Steam Clean & Hand Condition Leather
Toothpick & Brush Cracks and Crevices
Sanitize Steering Wheel & Switchgear
Dress & Condition Surfaces
Fabric Protect Floor Mats

Additional Interior Services

Fabric Protection

Upholstery and carpets treated with water and stain resistant coating to aide in cleanup of spills and future accidents. With fabric protection you can expect 3-6 months of stain protection

90 Day Leather Coating

Protect your leather from spills and stains with a specially formulated Gyeon coating designed to repel liquid and sun damage.

Pet Hair Removal (Dog/Cat)


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