Exterior Detailing & Paint Correction

We provide a number of expert exterior auto detailing services right in your driveway including hand washes, buffing, polishing, scratch removal, and headlight restoration. These services are intended to restore clarity to your paint finish and provide long term protection.


What is paint correction?

Modern automotive finishes are water-based paints that are protected by a clear coat to prevent oxidation and fading. This clear coat layer is what gives your car its deep, rich color and is also where the perceived “shine” comes from BUT it is thinner than a post-it note. Throughout the lifetime of your vehicle your clearcoat will be subject to scratches, paint transfer, marring, and water spots from things like acid rain or hard water.

As you can see in the image above, many of these common issues are rooted in the top layer of your paints finish, the clearcoat. When light hits these defects it is scattered in all directions and much less gets back to your eyes. What does come back reveals a very uneven surface and very little gloss – this is where paint correction. Paint correction can be thought of as leveling out your clearcoat to restore its natural luster and send more light back into your eyes.

When a vehicle has a combination of these defects your detailer will need to take multiple steps to work through them – known as a multi-stage correction. The first stage in this correction can be thought of as a rough sanding – and in some cases sanding may be necessary – that will level out the peaks and valleys using abrasive compounds and dual action machine polishers. During this first stage the abrasives go to work removing a thin layer at the top of your clear coat to make a level surface, but this also introduces a large quantity of micro-scratches further diffusing the light reflected by the paint.

This is where a second (or third) stage comes in to further refine the finish. The polishing stage(s) uses very light abrasives to reduce the scratches, introduced in the compounding stage, and work the clearcoat back to a mirror finish. Depending on the level of finish required for the vehicle the more time and refining stages are necessary.

Once paint correction is complete, the next step is protection. Paint protection comes in a number of forms including traditional waxes, more modern polymer-based sealants, and top-of-the-line ceramic coatings which form a hard shell around your paint. Basic waxes and sealants should not be thought of as protecting your clearcoat from scratches. These products are used to increase the shine of your finish and form a barrier between your vehicle and the elements. The latest technology in paint protection with up to 9H hardness, ceramic coatings, however can be used to prevent scratching and swirling for at least a year before reapplication is needed.

Continue below to see the paint correction and protection services we currently offer!

Silver Detail

Customers choose the Silver Detail for a daily driver with few scratches. The vehicle exterior is first treated with a traffic film wash to remove grease and oil from the road surface. This is followed by snow foam and a two bucket wash. Your wheels are further decontaminated using Iron-X to eliminate brake dust. Paint is massaged with fine clay to remove iron contamination and high quality wax is machine applied to correct light scratches and protect the finish. Please allow 1.5-2.5 hours depending on size of the vehicle.

Starts at $99

Gold Detail

Vehicles with minor scratches, swirls, or water spots are best suited to the Gold Detail which delivers an 80-85% correction. After the exterior surface is cleaned, the paint is clayed and prepared for a single-stage correction. Swirls and scratches are removed with a dual-action machine, foam or microfiber polishing pads, and high quality correction polish. Paint is then protected for up to 90 days with high quality Carnauba wax. Please allow 3-4 hours depending on the size of the vehicle.

Starts at $199

Platinum Detail

The Platinum Detail corrects most paint flaws up to 90%+ correction. This goes beyond the Gold Detail with at least one heavy compounding stage to correct deep marring and scratches. Paint is then further refined and polished to a high shine to be protected with high quality Carnauba wax or synthetic paint sealant. Please allow minimum 6 hours depending on size of the vehicle.

Starts at $399

For older vehicles or for vehicles which require a full paint correction over 95% or more please contact us directly so we can put together a per hour estimate. Achieving this level of correction will take considerably more time and the use of our brighter-than-the-sun lighting to chase out every single flaw. With the use of this lighting and taking this extra time there is no way a flaw will ever show its face in even the most direct sunlight.

Should you wish to add additional protection to your vehicle, we also provide the option of:

 STS 3000 Polymer Sealant.
STS 3000 provides protection for up to 1 full year from treatment as well as excellent water sheeting to reduce introduction of water spots.
Starts at $60 per application

Headlight Restoration
Yellow, faded headlights are polished to a safer, like-new state and sealed to prevent further damage.

Starts at $75

Engine Bay Detail

Vehicle engine bay is fully detailed and dressed. Your car will run cooler in hot temperatures and performing routine maintenance will also be easier as a result.

Starts at $40

*A deposit is required for paint correction services*



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