Exterior Detailing & Paint Correction

We provide a number of expert exterior auto detailing services right in your driveway including hand washes, buffing, polishing, and headlight restoration. These services are intended to restore clarity to your paint finish and provide long term protection.


Silver Detail

Customers choose the Silver Detail for a daily driver with few scratches. The vehicle exterior is cleaned using snow foam and a two bucket wash. Your wheels are further decontaminated using Iron-X to eliminate brake dust. Paint is clayed and then protected for up to 90 days with high quality Carnauba wax.

Starts at $99

Gold Detail

Vehicles with minor scratches and swirls are best suited to the Gold Detail. After the exterior is cleaned, the paint is clayed and prepared for a single-stage correction. Swirls and scratches are removed with a dual-action polisher, advanced pads, and high quality correction glaze. Paint is then protected for up to 90 days with high quality Carnauba wax.

Starts at $199

Platinum Detail

The Platinum Detail corrects most paint flaws. This goes beyond the Gold Detail with a compounding stage to remove marring and scratches. Paint is then polished to a high shine and protected with Carnauba wax.

Starts at $399

Should you wish to add additional protection to your vehicle, we also provide the option of:

 STS 3000 Polymer Sealant.
STS 3000 provides protection for up to 1 full year from treatment as well as excellent water sheeting to reduce introduction of water spots.
Starts at $60 per application

Premium Ceramic Coating*
Ceramic Coatings are the newest technology in paint protection and provide an additional hard layer, stronger than your factory clear coat, to prevent scratches and swirls. These last up to 2 full years from application and can be topped with wax or sealant.
Starts at $200 per application

Headlight Restoration
Yellow, faded headlights are polished to a safer, like-new state and sealed to prevent further damage.

Starts at $75

Engine Bay Detail

Vehicle engine bay is fully detailed and dressed. Your car will run cooler and maintenance will be easier as a result.

Starts at $40

*A deposit of $100 is required for ceramic coatings.