Top At-Home Detailing Tips

So you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on a full, professional detail. The paint looks better than it did when you bought the car, everything smells clean, and there’s not a speck of dust left on the dash. How do you keep it like that?

A regular detail should always be part of your maintenance routine – just like changing the oil in your engine and rotating your tires. But unlike that type of maintenance, keeping your car looking great after a detail can be really easy even the least experienced person.

So here are a few simple ways to maintain your vehicle after a professional detail:

  1. Avoid Automatic Washes – More specifically the kind with the giant brushes. There’s a reason detailers call them the Swirl-O-Matic: They DESTROY your paint finish. Instead, opt for something like a laser wash and if you have a reputable detailer using quality products, you likely won’t need more than the most BASIC of washes 90% of the time. Sure, on any daily driver or weekend toy you’re going to get scratches and swirls, that’s life. But you wouldn’t use steel wool to clean your skin, would you?20170502_102324

  2. NEVER Use a Chamois to Dry Your Car – For the same reason you don’t use the Swirl-O-Matics, you should avoid a chamois like the plague. Chamois are rough cloths that have a tendency to hang on to contaminants. As a result you end up damaging the paint you intended to clean. Microfiber cloths are the best alternative on the market today, they’re inexpensive, and you can buy them ANYWHERE. (Bonus tip: Get your microfiber towel wet and wring it out prior to drying. This will allow the towel to absorb MORE water!)

  3. Remove Bird Poo ASAP – Again, I’m harping on maintaining that paint finish, but bird droppings are one of the most harmful things to your vehicles clear coat. They contain high amounts of acid which will compromise your clear coat and possibly damage the base coat. If you see a dry ‘poo’ on your car, the best way to remove it is with water. Lay a microfiber towel and gently pour water over it – this will saturate it and allow you to safely clean your paint.20170325_125649

Those are just a few simple but very important tips to maintaining your vehicles finish after a detail. If you follow this advice, not only will your detailer love you, but you’ll be avoiding the huge headache (and bill) of having to get your car repainted. Have a great day and drive clean!


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