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Welcome to Paint + Petrol Mobile Auto Detailing. We are proud to call Asheville, NC our home and can’t wait to share our journey with you. Paint + Petrol was established in 2015 by long-time enthusiast Nathanial Dupont. Our aim is to provide the people of Asheville with premium automotive detailing services on your schedule.

Life is busy and can be very hectic, making it difficult to find the time to get everything done. Americans spend an average of over 300 hours per year in cars, whether it be hauling the kids to school and sports, holding conference calls in traffic, or even grabbing that quick bite to eat. With everything going on in our lives it can be difficult to find the time to clean our cars.

And yet, we love our vehicles. America has a love affair with the automobile and most people take great pride in what they drive because it’s an expression of who they are as a person or because it is a symbol of the progress they’ve made in life. Regardless of the reasons, we all want our cars to last a long time and look like a million bucks.

Paint + Petrol seeks to take all the hassle out of car cleaning by coming to you because your car is our passion. Every vehicle is as important to us as it is to you; we want to see it shining bright and maybe even reignite your passion for it. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and the rest will be taken care of whether you are relaxing at home or going the extra mile at work.

‘I hope you all enjoy¬†this page and stick around to see what comes next.
I’ll be sharing detailing tips and tricks as well as
photos, stories, customer testimonials, and updates on the happenings
at Paint+Petrol. As the owner and sole detailer (currently) for the company
this will be a very personal and intimate look into my passion
and I hope to share that with anyone interested in the craft.
Please look at the services we offer and don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions or for appointments. Thank you.’

– Nathanial Dupont –

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